“He says it reminds him of the old days…”

I love Will Ferrell movies, but I’ll admit that not all of them are as hilarious as Anchorman.  Even so, I still own the 2 DVD Collector’s Edition of Elf.  

When I saw that the HD Amazon Streaming version of “The Campaign” was on last inaugural weekend, I decided that there were very few things that $11.99 could buy that  I would enjoy more.  And it couldn’t be worse than that (non-ironic) Spanish foreign language comedy I saw.

The movie ranges somewhere between “Step Brothers” and “Blades of Glory”— that is to say, fair to middling.  What really stole the show was a hilarious and multi-lingual Karen Maruyama as Mrs. Yao.  I’m  not going to ruin the joke, but let just say that she’s quite the personification of all annoyed ethnic housekeepers amidst a movie about two white dudes at war.


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