Correlation or causation


This article on genetic engineering in China is so much worse than the sum of it’s awful parts (Vice, evolutionary psychology).

On collecting DNA from 2,000 of “the world’s smartest people” to create genius babies:

What was their selection process?
They seem mostly interested in people…

I’ve always been amused by the whole concept of wanting a “genius baby.” My alma mater, MIT, was filled with a pretty wide sampling of geniuses and I think anyone who’s wandered up to the top floor of Random Hall understands that the genes for genius seem fairly well linked with other characteristics that are, shall we say, atypical of conventional social desirability.  Is this genetic correlation or cultural causation?  Probably both, but I’ve seen too many of my compadres (and myself) dancing on the spectrum to think there’s no funny stuff tangled up in the nucleic acid.

So while the Chinese couple of the future can pick out one of a hundred embryos that might be super smart, they’ll probably need to pick one out of ten thousand that will be super smart and not walk into doors all the time.  Because some things are just not meant to be…

Correlation or causation

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