Shakin’ Up Baking

Thirteen year old Mckenna Pope’s little brother loves to cook. But when he watches the commercials for a product he’s hoping to get for Christmas — the Easy Bake Oven — he only sees girls playing with the toy. Because of that, he believes that “only girls play with it.” Pope is hoping to change that perception with a video and a petition. She is asking Hasboro — maker of the Easy Bake Oven — to start putting boys in their commercials, so that her little brother sees it’s okay for boys to cook

I’m a bit torn by this story.  While I applaud the attempt at breaking childhood reinforcement of gender roles, I’m hesitant about showing any support for promoting a children’s oven.  I think the answer shouldn’t be “let boys AND girls bake.”  It should be, “let boys AND girls do something worthwhile with their time than learning to make pastries.”


Shakin’ Up Baking

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