We do all look alike; the proof is in the eigen-pudding

Recently, there is a debate on plastic surgery from the post on Reddit titled “Korea’s plastic surgery mayhem is finally converging on the same face. Here are the miss Korea 2013 contestants.” 

To better see the similarity among them, I first took the images from one Japanese blog. After simple normalization and registration, I can get an aligned, animated GIF looping through the 20 contestants as shown below

The author does some voodoo matrix analysis upon these gentle faces; it’s like watching a Stanford EE qual study group orgy in the Graduate  Community Center.  

The result? Seems that out of 20 contestants  there are only about 6 distinct “orthogonal” faces.  Which I guess makes an Asian face more complex than relativistic space-time, but less complex than M-theory.

Miss Daegu 2013 Contestants Face Morphing

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