If So, Guilty As Charged!

While some thought Mitt Romney’s attack on Big Bird was vicious, the presidential candidate’s dismissal of PBS pales in comparison to the ongoing Republican assault of Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz in Maine. Their ammunition? Her World of Warcraft habit. Lachowicz’s alter-ego, the orc rogue assasin Santiaga, has attained the impressive Level 85 distinction—the highest a WoW gamer can achieve—by efficiently stabbing other characters in the make-believe land of Azeroth with bone-bladed weapons

The legislature is no place for a level 85 Orc.  A WoW player in Congress might mean that we’ll have a senator who actually has experience working together in teams for a collective end goal that benefits all players.  It might mean having someone who might enjoy spending time with diverse group of people— even if some of them are socially awkward, from varying backgrounds, or just takes a little effort get along with.  It might mean someone who has enough analytical skills that they can calculate DoT in attacks against a tough dungeon boss or be trustworthy enough to manage the bank for an entire guild.  So let’s never let this person work in our government to represent us.

GOP Goes After World of Warcraft-Loving Candidate

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