Mr. Backlash, I’m gonna leave you // With the backlash blues

When I read the original AAM article about Victoria Secret’s new “Sexy Little Geisha” lingerie line, I have to admit to being pretty pissed- not only at the blatant orientalism, but even more at the fact that even in an East Asian inspired line, VS couldn’t get it together to actually hire an Asian model.

Looks like now it’s a win for the shame-o-sphere, as VS has finally taken down the line, seemingly in response to overwhelming jeers from the Asian Racism Blogging Community (yes, there is such a thing).

It takes hundreds of employees, thousands of hours and millions of dollars to launch a mass market lingerie line. And one blogger to take it all down.

“I never thought they would pull the Geisha outfit off the market,” Nina Jacinto tells Shine. “I imagine there were a number of factors that went into that decision

Of course there’s no public recognition by VS that they pulled the line due to the negative public response, instead they seem to be claiming that the item “sold out.” Moral of the story: I guess when a bear shits in the woods, somebody will be there to hear it, but he’ll still tell you that his shit don’t stink.  But cherry blossoms really smell like poo-poo-oo.

Victoria Secret’s “Sexy Little Geisha.”  Seriously.

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