Rothfuss, Report to the Captain’s Ready Room

crawfordkate writes:

“Via Jezebel, fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss tries to communicate the disappointment he feels at the film adaptation of The Hobbit with this long, weird metaphor involving the hypothetical transformation of his high school crush into a porn star.”

Yikes. Apparently this dude rolls a d20 when it comes to deciphering chemistry skills from an internet striptease.

Several commenters complained that they didn’t see any of the madonna/whore complex the Jezebel author mentions, but I think it’s a good example of an especially pernicious version that geek ladies contend with all the time: the idea that sexuality and intelligence are at odds, that the smart, geeky girl is necessarily really awkward around a naked geeky boy, and that a sexually aggressive, confident lady can’t also be nerdy.

But I think the strangest thing about this is that he felt the need to use a metaphor at all. He’s an angry fantasy fan, annoyed that someone didn’t make the movie he wanted them to make. It’s the internet. He could’ve just written “Ugh, this movie. Amirite??” and everyone would’ve known *exactly* what he was talking about.”

I’m going to leave the detailed analysis to Jezebel and Kate, but I’ll give you my one sentence synopsis of why I found Rothfuss’ post the epitome of annoying:

“Did that man just equate the emotional role of important women in his life with that of a Hollywood book and movie franchise?”



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